Japanese small luxury - YAMA-NO-CHAYA [Hakone onsen]


An inn consisting of a single building
standing in a bamboo thicket
across a suspension bridge.




Tonosawa Hot Spring is counted among the seven hot springs of Hakone.
On the other side of the suspension bridge
crossing the Hayakawa River there stands a one-building inn, "Yama No Chaya".
Please relax and enjoy the quiet and calm rooms offering a view of the abundant nature, the open air baths filled with flowing hot spring water, and delicious cuisine made with the finest seasonal ingredients.

Cancellation Policy

20% from 7 days prior to arrival,50% from the day before the stay,Day of stay and no-show is 100%
* The rate of cancellation charge changes on special days.

About Hakone

Located in the center of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, Hakone is one of Japan's foremost tourist destinations, drawing about 20 million visitors annually. Very easily accessible from the Tokyo metropolitan area, it is known for its sightseeing and hot springs. From its beautiful natural scenery which changes with the scenery to leisure facilities like art and history museums and events such as the New Year's Hakone Ekiden (long-distance relay race), it offers enjoyment year round.

  • History: It is a land where the Hakone volcano has given birth to calderas and hot springs over a period of 300,000 years. Hakone's hot springs were opened in the Nara period. As the highways, trains, and other forms of transportation developed, Hakone developed as a popular travel destination.
  • Nature: In Hakone you can enjoy cherry trees, fresh verdure, azaleas, hydrangea, autumn colors, Mt Fuji, Ashinoko Lake, Ōwakudani Valley, and other seasonally changing naturally scenery. There are also many parks where you can enjoy flowers such as Hakone Gora Park and Onshihakone Park.
  • Hot springs: Hakone Volcano has been active since about 400,000 years ago, with its frequently changing volcanic terrain causing hot springs with a variety of characteristics and types of waters to form. This inn's "Tonosawa Hot Spring" water is mildly alkaline simple thermal hot spring which is effective for skin beautification, relief of fatigue, and more.
  • Culture: Hakone is also famous for its many spots which convey history such as Hakone shrine, the former highway, and the Hakone Sekisho (checking station), as well as its many art museums. It is home to over 20 museums and history museums.
  • Art museums: You can experience the arts year round at the many art museums including "Hakone Open-Air Museum" and "Hakone Venetian Glass Museum". To take a tour of the art museums, the bus "Skylight" which visits a variety of facilities in Gora and Sengokuhara is convenient.