For Reservation
【 Payment 】
Payment can be made in cash or by various credit cards (VISA, Master, JCB, American Express, Diners Club, UnionPay).
【 About Cancellation 】
20% from 7 days prior to stay, 50% from one day prior to stay, 100% on the day of stay or no-show.
*The rate of cancellation charge will be changed on special days.

Check-in time: 15:00 / Check-out time: 10:00 If we do not hear from you after 7:30 p.m., we will treat it as a cancellation.

Number of guest rooms / 15 rooms (Open-air bath room 11 rooms / Tsukimidai / Standard room 4 rooms)
Facilities / Two open-air baths (Iwato and Keikoku), an indoor bath (Kajika no yu), and two open-air baths (Take no Yu/Usagi and Tsuki)
Bar lounge, private dining room, parking


Yamanochaya's kaiseki cuisine uses seasonal ingredients from all over Japan to bring out the best of the ingredients with the essence of Japanese cuisine.Our inn has a culinary advisor who is the owner of a famous restaurant that has won Michelin stars for many years.Fish, meat, vegetables, rice, miso, and soup stock. We hope you will enjoy our seasonal menu, which we have carefully selected for you.

Kids dinner menu

There is a "children's dinner menu" where you can choose from several types of "main dish" and "rice".

Roast beef, shrimp dumpling, corn butter, pickled fish, apple and raisins, fried chicken, komatsu dipping sauce, gratin

[Main dish]
Choose your favorite dish
A. Sirloin steak / B. Fried seafood / C. Hamburger steak

[Rice/ Noodle]
Choose your favorite dish
1. Crab fried rice / 2. Juwari soba / 3. Okonomiyaki / 4. Omurice / 5. Rice ball

Corn soup

Chocolate parfait

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We place great importance on the first meal of the day in the morning.Rice and yuba porridge made with sun-dried Koshihikari rice from terraced rice fields in Minamiuonuma, Niigata Prefecture, milled at the hotel and cooked using Hakone's spring water (famous water) from the hotel's premises.This hot miso soup is made with Hokkaido kombu (kelp) that has been slowly soaked in the famous water, and freshly shaved Kagoshima Makurazaki honkabushi (dried bonito) to make a broth, then blended with barley miso, red miso, white miso, and other ingredients to make a fukusa miso soup.

We hope that our breakfast, made with fresh water and fresh ingredients, will be a source of strength for you on the morning of your departure and the morning of your beginning.The morning set will be served in several portions.

The "first meal" includes homemade tofu served with soy sauce, olive oil, salt and your favorite condiments, and warm onion soup to wake up your body.

The "second set" consisted of "sashimi, grilled fish, egg dishes, simmered vegetables" and "rice cooked in a pot with hot miso soup.

A "dessert" of Lingang Tofu, which has a subtle sweetness from milk, and citrus fruits with a refreshing aroma.

In addition to the seasonal kaiseki cuisine at night, the breakfast is the most important part of your stay.

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