Japanese small luxury - YAMA-NO-CHAYA [Hakone onsen]


Four seasons and sightseeing

Long ago "Hakone" was the tenth inn town on the Tokaido highway and a representative sightseeing spot in Japan.
Please visit a diverse variety of places from our inn such as historical walks, art museums, and picturesque scenery.

Hakone Yumoto/Tonosawa area

This is the entryway to Hakone, bustling with over 40 hot spring inns and businesses and accessible from Shinjuku in about 85 minutes by the Odakyu Romance Car. It is also the starting station for the mountain railway which transverses Hakone. The oldest hot spring in the Hakone hot spring village, said to have opened in the Nara period. Serving as the eastern entryway to Hakone, the first thing you will see is the rows of souvenir shops lined up called "Hakone Souvenir Ginza". It is perfect for searching for souvenirs such as hot spring steamed buns, food dishes, traditional yosegi zaiku handcrafts, and more.

[Major sightseeing spots]
Kei Hiraga Museum/Hakone Tourism Product Center/Shōgen-ji Temple/Hakusan Shrine/Zeniarai Benzaiten/Sōun-ji Temple/Tamadare Waterfall/Hometown Museum/Historic cobbled road
[Seasonal sights]
Riding the Romance Car from Shinjuku, the closer you get to the Hakone Yumoto the richer the nature will become. You can enjoy spring cherry trees, the summer hydrangea train, the changing autumn colors, and other seasonal scenery. Yumoto riverbed cheery trees/Hakone mountain railway hydrangea train/changing colors along the Odakyu line/the course of Hakone Ekiden(long-distance relay race)

  • ・From April: Season for cherry tree viewing
  • ・From mid-June: Mountain railway hydrangea train
  • ・From early September: Yumoto Kumano Shrine festival
  • ・From early November: Hakone Daimyo's Procession
  • ・From mid-November: Tonosawa Hibuse Kannon Bosatsu Festival
  • ・From New Year's Day: Hakone Ekiden (long-distance relay race)

Miyanoshita/Kowakudani area

An area which developed as one of Japan's leading resort locations in the Meiji period. Drawing many foreign visitors, there are many vestiges of those times such as the many buildings and inns with a retro Taisho era feel. The Miyanoshita retro shopping district Sepia Road is also popular. One of the reasons for its popularity is the Hakone Open-Air Museum, the Horaien Garden, and a wide range of other attractions supported by people of all ages.

[Major sightseeing spots]
Hakone Open-Air Museum/Hakone Kowakien Yunessun/Kowakudani/day spas, and more
[Seasonal sights]
Miyanoshita/Kowakudani is an area with abundant natural beauty surrounded by mountain trees. You can enjoy the changing scenery of the four seasons, from the flowers to the fall foliage. The azaleas at Kowakudani Horaien Gardens/the hydrangeas at the mountain railway/the many autumn color spots/Miyanoshita famous for supporting the Hakone Ekiden

  • ・From April: Season for cherry tree viewing
  • ・From early May: Azalea fair
  • ・From late May: Season for viewing kousa dogwood
  • ・From mid-June: Mountain railway hydrangea train
  • ・From early August: Taiko Gourd Festival
  • ・From November~ Fall colors
  • ・From New Year's Day: Hakone Ekiden

Gora area

Gora is a central Hakone sightseeing spot with Sengokuhara in the north, the Hakone Yumoto in the East, and the transportation facilities that continue from West and South to Lake Ashinoko. Also popular are the leisure spots where you can enjoy a relaxed time in nature such as "Hakone Open-Air Museum" sightseeing on the mountain railway and cable car, "Hakone Gora Park" where you can view seasonal flowering plants and tropical plants, and more. Daimonji-yaki is one of the best events in Hakone in the summer where a fireworks display is held in Myojingatake.

[Major sightseeing spots]
Hakone Art Museum / Ropeway / cable car / Owakudani

Ashinoko area

It is a resort area naturally surrounded by the vast landscape of Lake and Mt. Fuji, Hakone Shrine, pleasure boat and ropeway.

[Major sightseeing spots]
Hakone Shrine / Scenery where Mt. Fuji can be seen / Pleasure boat / Ropeway

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