Japanese small luxury - YAMA-NO-CHAYA [Hakone onsen]



Hot spring

Discovered in the Nara period and prospering in the Edo period as one of Hakone's seven hot springs, its Tonosawa's colorless, clear and famous waters have long healed many travellers. At our inn you can enjoy the effects of these hot spring water drawn from 300M below the ground on the premises. Tattoo OK Swimwear NG

[Tonosawa Hot Springs]
Water type: Mildly alkaline simple thermal hot springs
Effects: Skin beatification, fatigue relief, nerve pain, stomach illnesses, women's diseases, sensitivity to cold

Iwato no notenburo

An open air bath where you can enjoy the hot spring water from the source while gazing on the mountain scenery of the four seasons. The giant rock which towers over the baths is said to have been there since ancient times when Ōwakudani Valley which was created by Mt. Hakone started erupting, and this inn has been utilizing it unchanged as a towering piece of scenery since the time of its establishment.

Keikoku no notenburo

Facing the vicinity of Hayakawa ravine, the spacious open air baths provide healing with the murmuring of the streams and the warmth of the hot springs. In the large indoor bath you can relax and enjoy hot spring water poured into a spacious bathtub.


It is a hot spring filled with a source in a spacious bathtub. Please relax and enjoy the source with a calm atmosphere.

Take no yu

Dinner break fee table
Contents: Kaiseki cooking and bathing (rooms without bath)
Time: from 15 to 20 o'clock
Price: 15,000 yen + tax ~
In case
[Dinner break exclusion date]
· Holiday · Before holiday · Spring break (3/1 ~ 4/5)
· GW (4/28 ~ 5/5) · Summer vacation (8/1 ~ 9/7)
· Autumn leaves season (11/1 ~ 12/10)
· New Year's Holiday (12 / 22-1 / 5)
· Because it is a small inn, it may not be accepted depending on the reservation situation.
Please inquire details.