Japanese small luxury - YAMA-NO-CHAYA [Hakone onsen]




  • 組肴
  • 煮物
  • 酢物

Our cuisine is carefully created drawing out the flavors of only the finest seasonal ingredients which are only available at certain times. Taking advantage of our location directly next to the mountains and sea to order fresh fish, meat, and vegetables, we offer a daily-rotating menu of cuisine based on our unique dashi.

Yama No Chaya Head Chef Akinori Matsuki

Local ingredients

In order to fully draw out the inherent flavors of the ingredients we use a dashi created from six kinds of bonito dashi, two kinds of kombu dashi and spring water.
We primarily stock seasonal fresh fish caught the day in question.

We stock Ashigara beef raised at the base of Mount Tanzawa with extremely meat quality and a moist texture.
Please enjoy extremely fine meat and texture.


At our inn the breakfast also changes daily. Home-made dried foods with a moist texture dried with the mountain winds, large grain Odawara dried plums, and hot miso soup served in an iron pot. We are proud of our delicious cuisine which we spare no effort in perfecting. Please enjoy it with our 5-grain rice porridge and white rice.